If you want an agency known for outworking and
outhustling the competition, you’ve come to the right place.

We are a Milwaukee-based creative solutions agency that specializes in helping businesses with their communication, marketing and advertising challenges. We have over two decades of experience in strategic thinking, making stuff pretty and getting results.

What we do

Digital, print, PR, packaging — we do many things very well. We help sell products. We increase attendance. We build awareness. We even help put heads in beds. Just ask around, our work ethic is legendary. We pretty much only get in bed with clients who are awesome. Life is too short.

What we don’t

We aren’t your typical slick ad agency who pretends to know it all and speaks in obnoxious acronyms all the time. We aren’t over-billers, deadline-missers or butt-kissers. We pretty much dislike agency people because they are either full of themselves or Mad Men wannabes.

How we do

At EBA, it’s all about ideas. Throw us a challenge and we will bust our tails to solve your problem. You will love us because we are quick and nimble. We pay attention to budgets. We meet deadlines. But above all, we are good, honest people with a track record of creating memorable work that simply works.

This paragraph is where most agencies use a bunch of fancy shmancy words to talk about how their mission is to solve the world’s most complex communications challenges and blah, blah, blah. We’ll save you from the snoozefest. The bottom line is, we’re pretty good at what we do. Heck, sometimes we’re even great. Take a look around and check it out for yourself.

What clients say about us…