The abridged history of EBA and
other stuff you need to know.

The year is 1994. Ellingsen bolts from his former Top 20 Milwaukee ad agency. Brady goes along for the ride. They hire a couple people and get a sign. And a phone. The next thing you know, we’re celebrating our 20-year anniversary and Ellingsen Brady Advertising is named one of the “Great Places to Work,” by the Milwaukee Business Journal.

Work-wise, we pretty much do it all. And while we have multiple clients in the healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing fields, our core competencies are creative ideas and effective communication, no matter what the challenge. We help our customers sell bone saws, eggs, pharmaceutical doors, hotel rooms and colonoscopies, among other things.

Is it time for an agency intervention?

Are you putting up with sub-par creative? Do you find you’re always making excuses for your agency when it comes to price, delivery and results? It doesn’t have to be that way. You deserve better. Help is just an email away!


Quotes we live by:

Don’t confuse what you like with what will work.
Mediocrity feels comfortable.
No risk, no reward.
The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. — Jonas Salk
Don’t give clients what they want, give them what they need.