Why should you dump your current agency?

Oh, let us count the ways. Here are just a few of our favorite reasons to kick them to the curb.

Ad jacked

This is easily the No. 1 reason why people hate ad agencies. And this isn’t just a one-bad-apple scenario. It’s an industry-wide affliction. So we ask, “how hard is it for an agency’s estimate and actual bill to match?” Apparently, it’s difficult, but we just don’t get it. If you agree on terms and a price, that should be good enough. If the terms change drastically, then the agency and client should discuss options. But if the agency puts in more time, or underestimated the project, they eat the time. Case closed. Why do agencies nickel and dime with surcharges after the fact? All we can come up with: Somebody’s got to pay for the partner’s Hummer.