Amusing shizzle from the EBA crypt

Helping hand

We once won an account because the client wanted to be able to work directly with an art director. The older gentleman looked at Don Ellingsen’s hands and said, “I can tell you actually do the work because you have rough hands with ink smeared all over them. Be here next Monday at 10:00am and let’s get started.”

Create a word out of thin air

Our hotel client, located across the street from the famed Mayo Clinic, wanted to increase their exposure nationally as one of the top hotel destinations for healthcare patients. EBA created the word, “HealthTel” and worked with the client to add amenities like direct phone lines to Mayo Clinic, special air filtration and room service menus aligned with Clinic dietary options. Our idea of half hospital/half hotel culminated in a nice Thanksgiving surprise on the Today Show.

It really went down this way

The Pfister Hotel was looking to brand their newly created bar which would sit atop the 23rd floor of the hotel, over-looking Lake Michigan. After an exhausting naming session, the group marginally approved the name Sapphire, which one of the Marcus brass had come up with. Agency creative director, Tim Brady, who was a young buck at the time, couldn’t believe it as there were many other better options on the table in his opinion. As the group was breaking up, Brady asked a question aloud. “Doesn’t anyone else here think this is a give up name? It sounds like a cheesy stripper.” An awkward silence filled the room, then the Marcus president said, “I agree, but what do we have that is better?” Brady said, “What about Blu? Without the “e” at the end. That’s all we see when we’re up here, and best of all, it’s a cool name that currently means nothing. We will define the word.” Then another man in the back said, “I hate it. It sounds like a toilet bowl cleaner.” Hater.

Celebrating victories

How do you celebrate winning a Pinnacle Award from the International Downtown Association? When you’re in New York City and hanging at Groove Café, this is how!